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뉴스 및 보도자료

제목 Sanjeev Aggarwal, CEO, Everspin Technologies & the Non-Volatile Memory Markets 등록일 2023.03.21 09:11
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In an interview with Niloy Bannerjee, BISinfotech, Sanjeev Aggarwal, President and CEO of Everspin Technologies Inc., talks about how the newest STT-MRAM product family, the EMxxLX, is addressing the persistent memory needs of the industrial electronics market. As connected devices get smarter and more remote, the need to have data protected in harsh environments as well protected in the event of power loss becomes paramount. EVs may have thousands of data collection points including instrument clusters, cabin preferences, safety systems, battery monitoring, motor control, assisted driving and more. The subsystems controlling this typically have a need for a reliable, persistent memory to capture and store the data from these points. “Our ability to compete comes from the unique combination of practical MRAM research with a learned know-how of manufacturability for commercial success in MRAM products.”, explained Sanjeev in this interview.

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